Frequently Asked  Questions

Building - Security - Theft - Loading - Parking - Wrapping - Payments

Public Open Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00

Sundays & Bank Holidays: 10:00 - 16:00


    - From 10am to 5.15pm daily (4.15pm Sunday). Please note use of the loading bay & roller shutter is NOT available during public open hours. This is due to heating, security, & general ambience for the buying public.


    - The building dates from the early 1900’s, built purportedly as an Ice Rink, however we have no evidence to support this. It was certainly a roller hockey venue around 1908 and has since housed dolls, electronics, and engineering factories. Apparently also utilised to billet troops in WWII. Most recently it was occupied by a Fishing line retailer & wholesaler, before becoming the venue for Kent's largest emporium of it's type, Petticoat Lane Emporium.


    - Is provided by a serviced 12-zone Intruder alarm system incorporating door switches, window switches, air pressure sensors, and passive infrared detectors. The system is also linked to automated dial up. In addition, a multiple camera CCTV system monitors the building day & night, with infrared night vision and PIR movement detectors on all cameras. Images being stored on a huge 3 TB hard drive.


    - Whilst every effort is made to deter theft, Petticoat Lane Emporium Ltd accept no responsibility for the theft of any item(s) during open hours. Petty theft is best combated by deterrent. These include the CCTV system described above, along with the use of visual monitors and signage to demonstrate to would be thieves that it is active. The placement of the security office at the entrance and the 'funnelling' of people leaving the Emporium past the cashier desk is all intended to intimidate the shoplifter by design, without causing the average shopper discomfort. Traders can assist with deterring petty theft by not enclosing pitches too tightly, and by not displaying loose high value small items. Secure cabinets are available to rent and staff are on hand to assist customers who wish to purchase from them, along with the ability to rent just a single shelf in a locked cabinet and also a commission cabinet for higher priced items. There is no charge to put items in the commission cabinet and just commission taken when it sells (15%). ID badges for staff and traders are also available.


    - Access from 10.00am to 5.00pm daily (4.00pm Sunday). The majority of items will access through the general entrance. Large items can come through the roller shutter loading bay and, by arrangement only, via the fire exit doors to the side of the building. Please note use of the loading bay & roller shutter is NOT available during public open hours. This is due to heating, security, & the general ambience for the buying public.


    - Dumpton Park Drive is unrestricted for parking. No double yellow lines, parking permits, or Pay&Display. There is a small car park on site to the rear of the premises. Also, limited parking on the forecourt which is designated for disabled and loading/unloading. Traders are encouraged to park as far from the Emporium as possible to leave spaces for the residents and shoppers. Please do NOT park on Honeysuckle Road.


    - As part of the package PLE provide basic wrapping and bagging services including tissue paper, bubble wrap, and light weight carrier bags (charged at 5p for the customer). Heavier, printed carrier bags are available to customers at a cost price of 20p. Specialist packaging requirements must be fulfilled by the trader.


    - Pitch rents are due on or before the first day of each 4 week term. This allows for any delays in the banking systems without interrupting trade.


    - Traders will receive a statement every two weeks, detailing all sales made during that period. Bank transfers (assuming pitch rent payments are up to date) of funds are made the same week of each 2 week period, deductions having been made for banking costs.