Trader Terms and Conditions

  • Trading/Accounting Periods.

    We run in 4-weekly periods. Period dates are as follows:
    Period 54: 9th March 2019 - 5th April | Period 55: 6th April - 3rd May | Period 56: 4th May - 31st May | Period 57: 1st June - 28th June | Period 58: 29th June - 26th July | Period 59: 27th July - 23rd Aug | Period 60: 24th Aug - 20th Sept | Period 61: 21st Sept - 18th Oct | Period 62: 19th Oct - 15th Nov | Period 63: 16th Nov - 13th Dec

  • Rents are due on the following dates:

    5th April 2019 | 3rd May | 31st May | 28th June | 26th July | 23rd Aug | 20th Sept | 18th Oct | 15th Nov | 13th Dec

Please ensure your rent is settled promptly by the due date. Standing order mandates are available in the office, and payment is only acceptable by way of standing order.

  • Services.

    Your rent includes the following services provided by PLE:

    • Administration services, including customer service specifically for traders.

    • Payments for sales

    • Invoices and receipts for rent

    • Emailed statements of sales (If printing is required it is £2.50 per statement)

    • Till staff to process your sales

    • Labels (of reasonable amounts – orders in excess of 500 in any period will incur a cost of £2)

Any additional services required may be directly deducted from trader revenues.

  • Deposits.

    Before moving in to the Emporium you are required to pay a deposit equalling 4 week rent of your desired pitch size (if it has not already been paid for the waiting list) and then your first 4 week rent in advance. This deposit then becomes your last 4 week rent with us, when giving your 4 week notice to leave the deposit comes in to effect.

  • Vacating pitches.

    You are required to give a full period's notice (4 weeks correlating to our pitch terms), if you wish to vacate your pitch. This must be made in writing by email or hand, before the next period starts, in which your deposit will then be used. No refunds of deposits or rent will be made in the event you chose to move out prior to this notice period. All items must be removed from your pitch, and swept and cleared, by 5pm on the Friday which marks the end of the period. Failure to do so or any extra services required by PLE to aid in this will incur extra charges. These charges will be deducted from your final payment.

  • Unpaid rent.

    In the event that rent is not paid on time, any sales money that is due to you will be withheld until payment is made. Money owed to you will then be paid on the next payment day. We cannot use trader payments towards rent due to them being kept in separate accounts. We have the right to seize goods if the trader refuses to pay rent for space they have used in order to claim back lost revenue. Court action will also be pursued in this event.

  • Overpayment of rent.

    In the event that after leaving the emporium you fail to cancel your standing order (we have no authority to do this for you) and continue to pay rent, please cancel your standing order as soon as you realise and notify administration. Any overpayment may be returned to you but will have a deduction per overpayment to cover banking and admin costs.

  • Trader sales payments.

    These payment dates are as follows:
    14th March 2019 | 28th March | 11th April | 25th April | 9th May | 23rd May | 6th June | 20th June | 4th July | 18th July | 1st Aug | 15th Aug | 29th Aug | 12th Sept | 26th Sept | 10th Oct | 24th Oct | 7th Nov | 21st Nov | 5th Dec | 19th Dec.

Please allow up to 5 working days for bank clearing.

  • Statements.

    Your statement will be automatically emailed to you every 2 weeks after you have received your trader payment which itemises your sales and payments. Deductions for bank charges (1% per sale), commission costs (15% if applicable) will be clearly noted.

  • Trading Standards.

    Please ensure your goods meet trading standards conditions. We have a zero tolerance on alcohol and weaponry. Anything found not to meet trading standards will be removed from your pitch and you will be notified. ALL food items must have all ingredients and allergens listed on each individual item to comply with the food standards agency. Anything found not complying will be removed from your pitch.

  • Insurance.

    Insuring your pitch is recommended and covering yourself for public liability. We, as Petticoat Lane Emporium Ltd, have public liability insurance and all goods within the premises are insured whilst it is secured. Nothing is insured during trading hours (i.e. theft).

  • Unique Trader Reference.

    Every trader is assigned a UTR which is unique to you. This guarantees that all traders receive the correct money and on time. It is of utmost importance that all goods are correctly labelled with your pitch address AND UTR. Please remember your UTR when ordering labels to save time. This means that if you move to another pitch within the emporium, relabelling is not necessary.

  • Labelling.

    Please ensure you use the labelling system provided correctly with clear writing. Where possible please use tie-on tags to adhere the labels to, as this makes the check out process easier for staff. If there is no label attached to the item or the label is handwritten, it cannot be sold. The barcode on the label identifies you as the trader, and must be on every item along with your product information. Please give notice by phone, email or on the office door when you would like more price labels and give up to 7 days to allow for printing.

    • Inventory Codes. We strongly recommend using inventory codes consisting of a series of numbers to make checking your sales as easy as possible. These will also be used on your statement. Please be aware that letters are not recognised by the system.

    • Tie-on Tags. If possible please use string tags to attach your price labels to. This is to make the checking process easier for staff as they are removed at the till. Brown tags are available to purchase from the counter for £2 per 100.

  • Pitch Space.

    All rents refer to floor space only. Cabinets and tables are not provided. Pitch holders may paint and furnish their pitches as they desire. Partitions may be erected up to 4 feet high, with a trellis up to 6ft. Please get permission from the trader if using/pinning anything to some one else's pitch divider. Please note; all fixed partitions become part of the fabric of the building and can not be removed when vacating, so do not spend more than you are prepared to leave behind.

    • Lockable cabinets are not permitted on individual pitches. This is due to the amount of time spent opening cabinets for customers. Open or unlocked cabinets are permitted. If you have high priced items we have other options available. PLE have a commission cabinet at the front desk for high-priced items at a 15% commissioned price when sold. We also have the option of hiring a single shelf in one of our own cabinets, with no commission, for £6.25/week. Please ask for details.

  • Parking.

    There is on site parking at the rear of the building – Parking at the front of the building is designated for disabled parking, staff and 15-minutes loading/unloading time. If you require to bring large items in, or are a new tenant moving in, the roller-shutter door to the side of the building can be opened at any time. Please ask at the till and the staff will open the door in order to pull your car in.

  • Sales Queries.

    Any queries regarding sales need to be raised by email to admin, with an explanation, a date range, the inventory, price and description so that this can be looked into. If you do not have a numbered inventory there is nothing admin can do.

  • Theft & Security

    Whilst every effort is made to deter theft, Petticoat Lane Emporium Ltd accept no responsibility for the theft of any item(s) during open hours. Petty theft is best combated by deterrent. These include our comprehensive CCTV system, along with the use of visual monitors and signage to demonstrate to would be thieves that it is active. Traders can assist with deterring petty theft by not enclosing pitches too tightly, and by not displaying loose high value small items. If you have any particular worries about specific items please see what options we offer under “Pitch Space”.

    • Security Tags & Labels. These are available on a rented basis from the emporium counter at 10p per tag or label. These can be easily fixed to your item and will activate the alarms in front of the counter/entrance/exit. When the item is purchased it will be removed and put back into circulation behind the till.

  • Opening times for traders.

    The Emporium front door will be unlocked at 10am. The front door will then be locked from 5pm, traders are welcome to stay in the emporium after this time to maintain pitches however please bear in mind that the doors will not be unlocked until 5.15pm. Please do not disturb the till staff during this time. We have titivation evenings in which the emporium is open for traders only in order to tend to your pitch. These are every 4 weeks on a Friday night 5.30pm until 7.30pm corresponding to the final day of the period. A full list of dates is available on the traders notice board in the Emporium.

  • Administration.

    Office opening hours are Sunday 10am until 1pm, 2pm until 4pm at the Emporium. Administration is available Monday to Thursday by phone and email 10am to 4.30pm. If you are on Facebook please request to join the Facebook traders page: “Petticoat Independent Traders” for general information. Alternatively this information is also posted on the Traders Notice Board in the Emporium. For any admin requests please email Pheola at: or phone: 01303 487124.

Terms and Conditions will and can be updated at the discretion of the directors. Please check regularly for updates. Tenants are bound by any changes, including rents and subsequent charges, as stated in the newest terms and conditions.